Hi I’m Paul Dome and I’m glad you’re here. I’m originally from Chicago and now live on the east coast in Cambridge, MA. I’m a professional actor, improv comedian, and improv instructor/director with over 15 years of experience, having performed at comedy theaters and festivals across the US and world. I also work as a marketing professional at a small advertising agency in Boston and help develop and produce marketing campaigns to help brands tell their stories.

Be sure to watch a video from Coach Crotchky, one of my original characters who is part Dr. Phil and part walking pep rally. Or check out a video from another original character, Murph the Dinosaur, who is a talking dinosaur puppet who records his own videos.

Here are my upcoming shows.

Tue 3/29 – 9:30pm “Happy Hour Show” at ImprovBoston

Wed 4/6 – 7:30pm “Perfectly Stupid” at ImprovBoston

Fri 4/15 – Sat 4/16 – Performing at the Crooked River Comedy Festival in Cleveland, OH.


Thanks to my good friend, Anne McDonough, for the great photography on my site.