• 5’5″ 118lb. Caucasian Male
  • Blue eyes, brown hair, slender build, baritone voice
  • Union Status: Non-Union


  • Knight and Day – Role: Extra – Twentieth Century Fox
  • Our Living Blue Planet (sitcom pilot) – Role: Principle – We’re Making a Movie
  • Strange Faculty (sitcom pilot) – Role: Supporting – Psychic Improv Company
  • Dear Chad – Role: Principle – Uhl Productions


  • Coors Light – Role: Principle – Picture Park, Inc.
  • Kelly’s Roast Beef (Restaurant) – Role: Principle – Counter Productions
  • NYSERDA (NY State Energy) – Role: Principle – Red Tree Productions
  • Sophos – Role: Principle – Small Army, Inc. Advertising
  • Mighty Rope – Role: Principle – Big Brother Productions
  • Webster First Credit Union – Role: Principle – Davis Advertising
  • Connecticut State Lottery (“Big Money”) – Role: Extra – Picture Park, Inc.
  • Connecticut State Lottery (“Grab Bag”) – Role: Extra – Big Picture Studios


  • Direct TV NFL Ticket Promotion – Role: Principle – Genuine Interactive Advertising
  • AMF Bowling (Web series) – Role: Principle – Oasis Technology Partners
  • Bose Corporation (Sales Video) – Role: Principle – Bose Corporation
  • Touchstone (Educational Video) – Role: Extra – VPG Integrated Media
  • Six Sigma Zone (Educational Video) – Role: Principle – Fidelity Training


  • NYSERDA (NY Energy) – Radio – Red Tree Productions
  • Mighty Rope – Infomercial Audio – Big Brother Productions
  • Urban Interactive – Recording Messaging – Urban Interactive
  • ESPN Fantasy Football Banner Ad – Audio – Arnold Worldwide Advertising
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Website – Audio – Arnold Worldwide Advertising


  • ImprovBoston Mainstage Cast Member (2002 – 2011) – Cambridge, MA
  • “GoreFest V, VI, and VII” – Principle – ImprovBoston Theater, Cambridge, MA
  • “Laugh Track” – Principle – ImprovBoston Theater, Cambridge, MA
  • “Coach Crotchky” – Director, Principle – ImprovBoston Theater, Cambridge, MA
  • Performed at the following comedy festivals: Chicago Improv Festival, Boston Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon (UCB Theater NYC), Toronto Improv Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, Philadelphia Improv Festival, Santa Cruz Improv Festival, Lowell Comedy Festival, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Japan Improv Festival and Puerto Rico Improv Festival.


  • MITX Awards Show Award Show – Host – MITX / MassAV Productions – Boston, MA
  • Pega Systems Sales Meeting – Host – MassAV Productions – West Palm Beach, FL


  • Best Film in 2008 NBC Comedy Short Cuts Competition for “Strange Faculty” (role: ensemble actor)


  • Voice / Acting – Middlebury College (Prof. Doug Sprigg, MFA)
  • Improv Comedy Training – Second City (Mick Napier), UCB Theater (Matt Besser), IO West (Bob Dassie), IO (Jeff Griggs), Annoyance (Joe Bill), Magnet (Armando Diaz), PIT (Chris Grace), ImprovBoston (Will Luera), ImprovAsylum (Norm Laviolette)


  • Sports / Hobbies: Soccer, Golf, Football, Skiing, Ice Skating, Rollerblading, Biking, Yoga, Juggling, Magic tricks.
  • Characters: Neurotic Gym Teacher, Mumbling British Historian, Infomercial Spokesman, High-energy caricatures.
  • Vocal impersonations: Christopher Walken, Billy Mays, Forest Gump, Gobbling Turkeys.
  • Accents: Chicago / Midwestern, Southern, New York, Mexican, Spanish, Irish, Russian, German.
  • Language: Proficiency in Spanish.

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